Naovarat Surveying Co., Ltd.


Professional Land Surveying Services

Whether a project involves surveying hundreds of kilometers of oil/gas pipelines, railroad,
identifying optimum oil/gas well locations, new design or renovation house and buildings,
our survey crew parties are more than prepared to tackle any challenge.
Integrating our newly refined data communications network, high quality instruments,
and professional teamwork, our land survey services can be an efficient solution to every project.
If you need a professional land surveyor, then look no further.

GNSS Surveys

A satellite system that is used to pinpoint the geographic location of a user's receiver anywhere in the world

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Consists of a series of tasks carried out with the aim of determining the composition of those parts of the earth’s surface which emerge from the water. 

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As-Built Surveys

Show the property “as it is built” at a particular point in time. While a pre-construction survey is performed to document conditions prior to renovation and construction work being performed

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Cadastral Surveys

The land surveyor to determine the boundary and area of land parcel. The main purpose for the preparation of land registration.

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Inventory Surveys

Provide the required basic data for planning of construction and installation projects and also the creation of facility management systems (FM) and documentation and information systems. 

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Construction Surveys

In support of construction activities, the surveyor obtains the reconnaissance and preliminary data which are necessary at the planning stage. 

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UAV Photogrammetry for Mapping

UAV platforms are nowadays a valuable source of data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modeling issues. 

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Soil Investigation Surveys

Are performed by geotechnical engineers or engineering geologists to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site 

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ENERGY Oil & Gas Industry , Coal , Solar farm

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